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 Without having to lay a brick or mix any mortar, we built a Temple, a place of self exploration...a place that people can learn without having to worry about anything except what it is that they want to discover about themselves and the Universe they live in.

JourneyBlue is the creation of Bobby Sullivan. It is a virtual center that was built to teach and share spirituality within a boundless community.

The focus of JourneyBlue is to offer people a course to explore and develop their gifts, understand and relate with their energy and gain a perspective of who they are not only as a human but also as a soul...Whether its connecting with their intuition or understanding their soul’s karmic contracts, JourneyBlue will have a course that can help you understand this about yourself.

As our community develops, so will the opportunities to learn and work with a variety of teachers. It is our intention to scale JourneyBlue and our offering as we all grow…We want this to be a safe place for those that are looking to expand their spirituality and invite you to explore and become part of our community. 

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Letting Go, Surrender & Cutting The Chords Class Preview

I am very excited to have launched my first online class here on JourneyBlue. I have assembled a montage of some of the class videos for you to preview. Please feel free to watch...


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Your Souls Purpose 


The ‘Your Soul’ course study is designed to give you perspective of who we are as a human and as a soul. We will study topics such as Past lives, Soul Groups, Soul Contracts, Karma, Life Purpose, Moving through our fear, Letting Go and much more. Find out more about our current course being offered  on Your Soul



Your Energy


The ‘Your Energy’ course track will provide different classes for you to explore and learn about your energy systems, the different energy worlds you dwell in and how you integrate them into your specific vibration. We will have classes on Aura’s and Chakras, on the various Energy Dimensions that we dwell in, on Grounding, Clearing  and Protecting our energy. On Raising Our Vibration and much more. Find out more about our current course being offered on Your Energy


Your Gifts


The ‘Your Gifts’ course study is designed to help you develop the energetic tools you already have inside you. We will study things like Intuition, Working With Your Guides, Energy Healing, Crossing and Clearing Earth Bound Energy. . Find out more about our current course being offered on Your Gifts



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Intuitive Readings


Gain insight by working one on one with Bobby in a personal reading.



Past Life Regression


A past life regression session is a wonderful way to identify, process and transform unresolved issues, beliefs or attachments. In facilitating a regression, I look for things like unfinished business or trauma and help the client reprocess the event and bring completion to it.





Coaching can provide a great resource for people wanting to develop their spiritual selves. Working on things like letting go, non-attachment and understanding our blocks can lead to growth and living life at different level


Hear what others have to say...

Each class I have taken has been an amazing journey into self discovery and a deeper understanding of the spiritual world. 

Bobby has such a calm and kind presence. His classes are well organized and comprehensive, but it’s the way he weaves his extensive knowledge with humor, empathy, and practical advice that makes Bobby’s classes stand out from the rest. He takes time for questions and is incredibly thoughtful with his responses. He promotes a safe, nonjudgmental environment in which to share. After every class, I feel inspired and motivated to further my inner connection. I am never disappointed!

-Mimi D.

Full disclosure, I’ve been up and down the river and back again when it comes to exploring spiritually, spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, and all things mystical. 

I believe from the bottom of my chromosomes Bobby is three things, which make him one of the best spirituality teachers-gifted, grounded, and generous with his knowledge. His classes will help you on every level: From dipping your toes into the mystic or a full body plunge he’ll be your compassionate guide.  His classes make my heart and soul feel good, and I love to hear him teach.

Time and money are valuable resources, and I’m not free and easy those of mine or others-Bobby’s classes are worth it. Walking your path is free-knowing which way you want to walk is priceless.

-Rachel G.

Bobby Sullivan really made me feel at ease in his classes. His approach is grounded but also very humorous and this made it fun to explore some life changing topics. 

His knowledge and experience allowed me to delve into my spirituality with a new perspective and helped it come together in a way that’s was understandable to me.

I have taken numerous classes from him and I always leave feeling lighter. 

-Steve O.   

About Bobby


Nothing about his quick wit and laid back approach speaks of his unusual gifts. Look a little closer, and you'll find that Bobby Sullivan ventured down a road that has taken him a long way from where he started. After a long career as an Executive in the Minneapolis Advertising Industry, Sullivan experienced a calling to develop his intuitive and healing abilities he's possessed from an early age.

In 1998, Bobby signed up for a class taught by well-known author and Psychic, Echo Bodine. “Meeting Echo for the first time was like seeing a long-lost friend. We quickly became close, and after a year of being her student, she asked me to work along side her as her teaching assistant but more importantly it evolved into a lifelong mentorship."  

Over the last 15 years, Bobby has become renown as a Spiritual Intuitive as well as a Practitioner in Energy Healing, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy in the Minneapolis Area…and is also known for his Aura Photography, in which he interprets the auras of his clients while using a special Aura imaging camera. Bobby has also appeared on the first two seasons of Travel Channel’s show “Fear The Woods” and Co-Hosts 'Intuitive Living Podcast' with Echo Bodine. 

Work with Bobby

Intuitive Living Podcast 

Hosted by well known Author and Psychic Echo Bodine and Bobby Sullivan. This podcast is dedicated to taking the audience on a spiritual quest about living our lives while listening to our inner voice and learning to trust it. The show delves deeper into conversations on lots of spiritual and metaphysical topics and has some incredible guests, call-ins for readings from the host and great discussions about living intuitively.


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