Quick Tips for Getting Unstuck

Mar 14, 2022

If we feel stuck in our job, we can:

  1. Look for job opportunities online that may interest us, even if we don’t plan on applying. 
  2. List 4 things that we feel passionate about, and “make up” ways that we can engage with those things or monetize them, even if we don’t plan on following through. This puts our minds into Creation Mode. Who knows, we could accidentally create a side hustle doing this!
  3. List the things we are very knowledgeable about, including degrees and certifications, so we can remember what an asset we really are. Is it time to find somewhere else to shine? Can we bring something new to where we are now?

If it’s a relationship we feel stuck in, we can:

  1. List all the things we loved about our friend/partner/co-worker when we first met. What did that energy feel like? What did we appreciate? What did they bring out in us?
  2. Step outside of our routine to do something different. Write a note, send a gift, do something for them that they normally do. 
  3. If it’s a truly unhealthy relationship, make a plan- even if we aren’t brave enough to follow through just yet. Write a good-bye note, pretend we are free from the relationship. Where do we go? What is different? How can we move forward? This “pretending” gets the energy moving and allows us to consider our choices. 

If we live in a home/neighborhood we don’t love:

  1. See what is for sale/rent to remind ourselves of our choices
  2. Create your dream house, write down all the details, including where it would be. This is a good first step in manifesting!
  3. Try rearranging the furniture in a room, painting, swapping bedrooms or adding some new décor to change the feeling of a room.

There are numerous ways to trick our brains into opening to our creative side, which is dormant when we think we are stuck in any area. There are any number of possibilities surrounding each decision we’ve made and choices available to us in any moment. Sometimes taking ownership of the choice we are currently making is enough to start the energy moving again, whether we decide to move forward or appreciate where we are once more. 

Happy Choosing To You! 

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