The Good News About Recognizing We Are Stuck

Mar 21, 2022

Many times when clients ask for help getting unstuck, they feel frustrated that they cannot seem to find a way forward. Having been there, I understand! Sometimes the fear of the unknown or knowing a change will have to happen makes us feel so uncomfortable that we just cannot go forward. 

The great news is that acknowledging that our soul is ready for some sort of change is a  big, wonderful deal. If we pause to look around, there are many people who have a mentality of, “I’ve made my bed, now I have to lie in it.” Why rock a boat that isn’t sinking? It might not be going anywhere, but if it’s not sinking, they figure, good enough! To the souls who feel like “good enough” is not good enough anymore, WAY TO GO! This is how we change our lives and the world we live in, and it starts with acknowledging that we want to move forward somehow. You’ve already taken the first step.

Do you know how waves are made? One movement in our boat and we have ripples. Contact me if you’d like help looking at all the directions available to move in, and the fear that has kept us anchored where we are.

Are you feeling stuck in life?

The energy of the world is shifting, life is getting faster and yet it seems hard for many of us to create movement. If this sounds familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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