What Is My Purpose?

Mar 29, 2023

This is one of the most asked questions in the world.  We are here, but why? What are we doing? If we are each unique and have our own gifts, what are they and what are we supposed to be doing with them? 

As we grow up in whichever society we are a part of, we take in information from those around us. This often includes what we “should” do and what is “important” according to Everyone Else. A little known secret is that we can change our minds and our lives whenever we feel like it. We are NOT stuck. 

Here are some questions to help us know ourselves better, which will point to our purpose. 

  1. List 5 things that really, really light you up from the inside out. What do we find really exciting? 
  2. What are our favorite hobbies, or what would you take up as a hobby if you had the “time”?
  3. What things do you find abhorrent? Is there anything you feel so strongly about that you  would fight against it or work towards changing it? 
  4. Do we feel strongest mentally, physicaly, emotionally or spiritually? It’s good to be balanced, of course, but usually we are just naturally stronger in one or two of these. 
  5. Is there something that others tell us we are good at? What do we get complimented on? 
  6. If money were not an issue, what would you take classes for? 

      7.  Who do you admire? What is it they do, or which qualities about them are you most attracted to?

      8. To give us a hint about how our energy may work best, let’s imagine this scenario:  There will be a l             large event...

          Would you rather be the event coordinator, booking, arranging vendors/times/spaces etc?

          Would you rather be one of the vendors?

          Would you rather be behind the scenes with the lighting/music/accomodations?

          Would you like to be on the set up/take down crew?

          One who advertises for it?

          Would you prefer being someone who attends the event?

Or did reading this just make you need a nap, and you will be busy on the day of any event, evermore? 

       9.  Are we missing anything in our lives right now?

            Where do we feel disconnected?

            Who are we connected to?

            Who are we disconnected from that we miss? 

 Sometimes we understand what we are good at but aren’t sure how to put it into practice, or are afraid to rock the boat by switching things up in the middle of our lives when we are “supposed” to have it all together. But we are here to rock this life, to do our very best with it.  Money is seductive but it is certainly not whole point of being here, our souls yearn to do their work and express themselves. Knowing ourselves better can give us information on how to best do that.  Our time is not unlimited!  Here’s to finding ways to let our souls shine! 

Are you feeling stuck in life?

The energy of the world is shifting, life is getting faster and yet it seems hard for many of us to create movement. If this sounds familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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